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After going to multiple doctors who wanted to treat with pain meds with no success, I chose chiropractic for the first time. I was skeptical but
Dr Beavers was able to address the cause of my pain and after one manipulation I felt great. I continue to see him as needed. He never acts rushed. Answers all my questions. Gives great recommendations on home exercise. He’s the real deal!!!!!! I don’t recommend just any chiropractor. I would only trust Dr Beavers with my care.

Cynthia F.

I'm very thankful for Dr Beavers and his compassionate staff. When rest, muscle relaxers, and ice couldn't fix my back, I visited Dr Beavers office. I walked in using a cane and barely able to ambulate. Within 2 days of treatment, I was able to walk cane free. Dr Beavers listened patiently to everything I had tried before visiting him. He gave several recommendations that produced quick and effective results. My pain quickly diminished coupled with an increase of range of motion. I highly regard and recommend Dr Beavers to anyone with acute back pain. Update: 3 weeks after starting therapy, no pain with full range of motion. Thanks again Dr Beavers. As a nurse, I can't help but reemphasize how compassionate this office has been to my back injury. Every time I came in early for my appointments I was taken back immediately and treated like family. A++ Experience.

David H.

Dr. Beavers is wonderful! He listens to you and educates, as well as treats. The office is warm and inviting. He cured the sciatic/nerve pain I was experiencing. He even gave me exercises to help prevent it. He isn't the type who says, "come in 3 times a week for...." (you know the ones out to make money). No, he discusses with you the treatment recommended and does what is appropriate. In my experience, he is the best, and I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

Leslie B.